Friday, December 2, 2011

Gender and Education Research Reflection

Gender Equity In Education: Is It Possible?

I found this article online and it immediately caught my attention with its introduction:

"Gender equity in education. Despite efforts to create a better environment for girls in the education system, barriers to learning persist and gender inequity continues to flourish. Here's why."

It is very true that girls and boys are treated differently in the classroom whether it be in elementary school or even in college. In my opinion, it all has to do with the fact that in history boys were the only ones who went to school and girls were expected to stay and tend the home. This article states that boys in school are more likely to be called on, given attention, and be put into higher level groups than girls. The article also states that colleges now are not working hard enough to teach students how to avoid gender bias in the classroom. Because of higher expectations for boys they are the ones expected to be in the higher level classes, "girls are cheated out of the education they deserve."
I find it ridiculous that this occurs but honestly I have never really focused in on it before this year. Thinking back on when I was in school I remember the boys in my grade being encouraged to take the AP classes or they purposely did not do well in class in order to not be recommended for those certain classes. The girls that wanted to take the higher level classes, I feel, were held to a higher standard in those classes than the boys just because they were there. When I was in high school I remember taking honors French class and I remember getting much more specific detailed corrections on my assignments that had wrong answers than my guy friends in that class.
The fact that Gender inequality exists in the classroom needs to come to an end which is easier said than done.

Wise/Brown V. Board Reflection

Wise "Between Barack and a Hard Place" Reflection
Everything Wise had to say was very interesting and really made me think things over. I agree that people over reacted when Obama got elected because lots of people thought this was the end to racism but that is not true at all. Racism is still here, even saying that Obama becoming president was a triumph for his race was a racist comment. No white president had a triumph for their race when they became president. We are used to a white president, some people say, but honestly what is the difference besides their skin color. Either way they are going to be president and rule based on what they believe the country needs not based on anything having to do with their race. I have heard someone say that now that Obama is president our country is in worse shape but not because of his race but due to the fact that he is not following through on some of his promises. 
Brown v. Board of Education website
"Brown did not constitute a perfect solution to the problem of unequal opportunity, but it did help end legal segregation in the United States. It also demonstrated the resilience of our democratic institutions. Americans’ pursuit of racial justice is a complex story that reveals the weaknesses of the human character, while at the same time affording hope in the triumph of the human spirit."
I completely agree with this quote because it says how it is illegal now to segregate but people thought that this was an automatic solution to racism. It has been a long road and will continue to be a long road till racism disappears. The only way for racism to be gone is for everyone to be a part of the solution because in a way everyone is a part of the problem.

I feel like this is a bit scatter brained but I think i got my point across at the end...