Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, from Avenue Q

not the best quality but it works...

Introduction :)

Hello :) My name is Jen, or you can call me Jenben. I am a sophomore at Rhode Island College. I am a Music Education Major, which if you see my schedule you would think I was crazy with my 12 classes! I really don't mind the hectic schedule except for the days when I have absolutely no time to eat lunch... I am a classically trained singer, but I absolutely love to sing anything musical theatre. My whole life and schedule revolves around music both in and out of classes, or you could find me with my boyfriend. :) My semester is going well but I am worried that everything I have to do this semester will make me insane. I have a fat black cat named Dudley that I may post pics of because I have a ton of cute pics of him... but anyway I kind of feel like I have been rambling but that I how my mind works... Also with this post I am posting a link to the video of the song "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q that I brought up in class the other day. :)